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Our Story

In 1994, Pastor Ivan and Nini Powar, along with their cherished daughters, embarked on an incredible journey that led them to the vibrant city of Faridabad. Filled with uncertainty about the path ahead, their hearts were steadfast in obedience, guided by unwavering faith.

With bated breath and with open hearts, they sought the Lord in fervent prayer, earnestly seeking His divine guidance. In this pivotal moment, their faith was strengthened by a promise that resonated from the pages of Joshua 1:3. It was a promise that would serve as their North Star, guiding their steps as they ventured into the unknown.

As the Powar family continued to walk in obedience, their ministry flourished and bore witness to the wondrous ways in which God’s blessings were abundantly multiplied over the years. The story of their journey is a testament to the extraordinary things that can unfold when faith, obedience, and unwavering trust in the Lord come together.